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The rise and fall of masks 08/07/2012

Filed under: Comportamento,Cotidiano — Aline Moraes @ 9:50 PM

The climax of a relationship (any relationship) is when masks go down. It’s such a relief to see tears of honesty streaming down the face… To look through flaws and still be able to find something to admire… To recognize humanity… And walk, side by side, hands-on, without the burden of hiding who you are and how you feel about yourself… It’s hard to get to this point, but after that, if you grasp the meaning of that moment, living and sharing and loving (which is, ultimately, the same) can be much easier. Natural. Organic.

I thought of that while watching Eat Pray Love today. The male character who seemed to have all the answers and formulas and advices – all that combined, with a touch of arrogance – finally got my respect when he invited Julia Roberts to get to know his story. No subterfuges. But still full of wisdom. Actually, even wiser. “Sincerity of mind, honesty of spirit”. The hardest meaning to grasp. It’s worth a try, although trying might not be enough. “Stop trying. Surrender“.

Boa semana pá nóis!


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