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This week’s lesson 05/01/2014

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I was taught a lesson this week at work, and in life. As a journalist, a reporter, my task is to address to my best the problems of others. Somehow, I failed this week, twice. And I have failed before. But, this time, it got me deeper, I guess. I decided to share the lesson so you know about it, and so I won’t forget it:

“Be simple and heartfelt in all you do.

Consider this: ‘Take your brother’s need as the measure for your action, and solve the problems of the world. There is no other course.'”

What about integrating into your daily life what is asked to be considered? “Take your brother’s need as the measure for your action”. Don’t be overwhelmed by the task of “solving the problems of the world”. It really starts small, with the most basic needs, with right relationship, with you being honest and sincere to yourself, to what you think, say, want and do.

Take sometime to find out for yourself how can you help daily so that that major task is fulfilled, and make the changes needed to your approach to work, studies, friendships, citizenship.

There’s a beautiful and real message of hope out there. We are being helped from behind the scenes to make changes in the world we live in – and there’s no magic to it, there’s hard work. This week, the most useful words from the message to me are “be simple and heartfelt in all you do”. Let’s do that???

[[To know more about the message: http://www.share-international.org]]


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